Meaning of dreaming of yacht: Dreaming of sail boat

Meaning of dreaming of yacht.

Meaning of dreaming of yacht:
A yacht is a luxury vessel and it speaks of a extravagant life style. The expenses involved in buying and maintaining a yacht mean it sucks money down the drain. Unless you have economical use for a yacht, or you obtain a source of income from it, owning a yacht is a pain. In dreams, the symbol of a yacht stands for expensive wastage. To see a yacht in a dream is bad news, telling you that your money is being wasted in real life. In waking life, you could be having a white elephant (of any sort) that is costing you money and wasting it.

In contrast, dreaming of the humble sail boat is good news.

Meaning of a sail boat in dream.

Dreaming of sail boat:
The sailboat is a humble vessel. It requires manpower to sail. The latent meaning of this symbol is that hard work is the key to success.

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