Meaning of being accountant in dream

Dreaming of doing accounting.

Seeing yourself doing accounting in a dream means that you are being responsible, to take note of your list of responsibilities. You may be writing your accounts to take closer charge of your money. In waking life, you may be having a need to save money and keep track of expenses. Besides accounting for money, other resources like time and effort, also need to be accountable. There are issues like, are you using your time wisely? Is the amount of effort you put into a pursuit getting a fair result? Are your efforts in vain? Or are you satisfied with the outcome? If you dream of doing accounting, then there is likely an area in waking life that needs you to make adjustments. On the other hand, are you a stickler for figures? Are you strict on balancing your books?

Have you studied accounting? Are you keen on getting a job as an accountant? These questions are related to your dream, which may be a wish fulfillment. Your secret inner consciousness may be desiring to work s an accountant. It may have sent this message to your brain, which then

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