Meaning of dreaming of Yeti/ monster

Meaning of seeing Yeti (or monster) in dream.

If you dream of a monster, and you have not been taking prescription drugs or recreational drugs, then it means you have experienced a monster/ or heard of myths about extraordinary creatures like monsters. Dreams continue themes in waking life and when you have some contact with stimuli related to monsters, this theme continues into your dream. People who consume medication or drugs often have dreams which are colored by chemicals. This type of dreams do not qualify to be analyzed as they are fake impressions in the brain, which were caused by chemicals.

The dream symbol of a Yeti or monster, means you have been influenced by this symbol  in your waking life. Perhaps you should not think too much about monsters and fables for these do not exist in real life.

There is a species of bear called the Tibetan Brown Bear. It is also known as the Tibetan Blue Bear. The appearances of this bear have been mistakenly thought to be those of the Yeti. Rare sightings have been captured opn camera in Mangan District in Sikkim, which is in the Indian part of the Himalayan Mountains.