Joy Morning Pages #1

Today’s Morning Pages is focused on the topic of Joy. Morning Pages is a type of self therapy whereby one reflects on a topic (or not) by writing continuously. Write like your stream of consciousness is flowing.

I feel joy in God’s mercy. He blesses me with what He knows is best for me. All the doors that were slammed in my face were because they were unsuitable for me. In hindsight, I now understand why I wasn’t allowed to walk through those doors. I’m grateful to God for protecting me.

If I had been given that hospital job, I would have daily contact with epidemics and pandemics of these current times. I was disappointed at that time in 2015 but now, I’m so grateful that door closed.

If I had talked to my faux friend in 2016, I would have been implicated in a complex project that guzzled resources. That friend counted me as a friend for benefit.

If I had used a “third leg” like a walking stick, I would have suffered uncertainties. Hobbling with a third leg is never good. I had debated for a few years but as of now, I think I should walk on my own legs.

I am recovering from past hardships and stress. I’m joyful and grateful to God for saving me repeatedly. he saved me from big and small problems.

I feel joy on reflecting on my past. Writing Morning Pages is good self therapy.

Prompt is from the book below.

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