Never give up Morning Pages #2

In Morning Pages #2, the prompt for the topic is Never give up.

Never give up even when you are cornered. You are being tested. I say this because I have an anecdote to relate. In 2012 to 2013, I was severely tested. Those two years were the toughest years of my adult life. I thought I was done for. I imagined I could see my end in sight. Nobody came to my aid. One morning, I was pushed beyond my tolerance. I thought of spitting back. Then I heard a warning in my mind – “Don’t do that!”

I knew I had to listen to the thought.

Then suddenly one day in that miserable place, God’s Hand swooped down on me and lifted me away from danger. I had proper food to eat and safe water to drink. I was given a safe home to live in. In this first level of aid, God gave me everything as according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

I want to repeat this – Never give up. God is coming to lift you up. His Mercy knows no boundaries. I’m alive and my life is testament to how great God is to me and all his creatures. Thank you God!

Writing Prompt is from the book below.


Barbour Books. (2017). Daily Wisdom for Women Devotional Coloring Book. Color Yourself Inspired. Barbour Publishing Inc: USA.

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