Dreaming of wedding dress

Dreaming of my wedding dress:
I was getting dressed for my wedding or modelling a wedding dress. It was white, long and pretty. Yet something was not quite right with my dress. There were a few people around me. They were helping me with my dress, adjusting it and checking for flaws. I was told to remove my dress, and I did, only to find myself naked. I felt lost. The rest of my dream was about waiting for the people to correct my wedding dress.

Meaning of dream:
A wedding dress that is unsuitable carries the message that the woman isn’t ready for marriage. The fact that people around her are also helping to correct her dress, says that others are aware that she isn’t ready for marriage. Dreaming of marriage may mean that the woman desires it in waking life. However, she will not find it as her brain realizes and tries to comfort her by inventing a dream about a wedding dress. The brain informs her that prerequisites are not ready, just as terms and conditions are not suitable for her in waking life. There won’t be a marriage yet.