Dreaming of quilt

A quilt is composed of sewn patches of cloth to create a pattern. It is a covering for insulative material, that is stuffed in between the two covers. It is made for the purpose of providing warmth. A quilt can be in the form of a blanket, or jacket.

I dreamed of a blanket quilt. It had an interesting pattern. Patterns in dreams are always more fascinating than actual patterns seen in waking hours. I have ever been able to remember elaborate patterns seen in dreams. I was looking at my quilt and whiling away my time, until I woke up.

Meaning of dream:
My waking life could be a quilt of all sorts. I maybe spending too much time on individual parts of my life and not able to steer my life in a purposeful direction. A big ambition can be achieved by a series of small steps. My small steps should lead in the direction of my ambition.

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