Dreaming of Cafe, Interpretation Cafe Dream, Cafe Dream

Starbucks barista serving a customer.

Dreaming of Cafe
A cafe can be a meeting place for social and official communications. One night, I dreamed of visiting a cafe. Out of the blue, I met my old friend, who I had not seen for many years. He asked me why I didn’t wait for him. I said many years had passed and I didn’t know he was waiting for me. It was a paradox. he thought I knew I was to wait for him. While I was unaware he assumed I would wait for him. He expressed his frustration. It was so exasperating that I woke up.

Interpretation of Cafe Dream
This dream was probably triggered by nostalgia for the past. Sometimes, I think about my old friends and how they have fared in life. I wonder how things could have turned out if events went another direction. My nostalgia for the past may have triggered this dream.

Spinach and mushroom pie with local tea at Starbucks.

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