Dreaming of tree

Dreaming of tree.

The tree in dream analysis represents a symbol of growth. A tree is strong, sturdy and stable. It continues growing under tough environmental conditions. In temperate zones, it adapts to survive cold winters. If you dream of a tree, your brain is trying to prep you to be resilient against tough times. If you were mentally disturbed (for any reason), then your dream of a tree has other latent meanings. You may be experiencing identity confusion. You have been hit by many negative and opposing forces. You are confused by the many stimuli. You wish you could be strong and stand against adversity. You may desire to be in-animate or change form to avoid so many problems. You know you are living and can’t become in-animate so your inner consciousness wishes for a strong symbol to look up to. The tree is one such strength.

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Dream of reproduction.

There are other interpretations of the dream metaphor of a tree. Since the tree is a living thing, it represents reproduction. It grows and communicates with its environment. Thus, the symbol of a tree can also stand for communication. If you see a tree in your dream, it could mean a variety of meanings like reproduction and communication. You should refer to the context of your waking life and relate how the meaning of a tree  could fit into your life at this stage.

Dream of tree
Flow chart of Meaning of dreaming of tree
Flow chart dream interpretation of trees
dream interpretation of trees using flow chart

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