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Plum Blossom (white).
Plum Blossom (pink).

Hello friends. The Plum Blossom is the national flower of China. These hand drawn flowers are pasted here to participate in Linda Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club.

To join in this fun coloring club, please visit Linda Hill’s link at Escapist Coloring Club, to read on how to participate.

Now for some related writing on dreaming of flowers –

Dreaming of flowers
What does it mean to dream of flowers? Your brain tries to tell you a message about them. Maybe it wants to inform you to stop and smell the flowers, which is basically to slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature. Different flowers have different meanings which can be traditionally assigned or associated by culture. Generally, when you dream of flowers which are fresh, its good. The flowers should be set against a context. Where did you see the flowers in your dream? Flowers can be given for a happy occasion, or a sad occasion. So you need to see the context, in which those flowers were present.

Dream interpretation on dried flowers
If you see dried and withered flowers, it means the flowers’ beauty were wasted as they were not given away while in bloom. It was a missed opportunity to use the flowers while they were at their height of beauty. In real life, you might have missed out a good opportunity for something. If you can understand this and see it possible to make amends to correct this mistake, then you might want to do so. While you may not have the same resources (like the former flowers which have now grown old) at your disposal, you can use new materials to handle the old situation.

Real dream of flowers
A young woman said she dreamed she had a small stem cutting. She placed this stem in-between one of her books. She wanted to preserve the beauty of this stem as a specimen. After some time, when she returned to check on this stem cutting, she found tiny flowers growing out of it. The flowers were delicate with tiny petals. The group of tiny flowers formed a bunch. Then the bunch of flowers became weak. One by one, every flower’s petals dropped down onto the floor.

Real dream interpretation of flowers
The flower theme was a continuation of a theme in the daytime activity of the woman. She had been planning and painting a canvas on a bouquet of flowers. She was concerned to paint a good picture because she was going to submit her art into an exhibition.

Three days before this dream, the woman was in a supermarket, looking a display of potted herbs. She really desired to buy a pot of herbs to bring home. However, the conditions of indoor gardening were unsuitable for herbs. She had previously bought a plant and it died. She was disappointed and this kind of broke her heart.

Her focus on painting flowers and desire to nurture a plant were likely to send triggers to create her dream on a stem cutting growing flowers, and then seeing the petals withering and dropping away.

Have you ever dreamed of flowers before? Please share your dream.

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