Dreaming of stalker or detective

Dreaming of stalker or detective
I dreamed a stalker was trying to chase after me. I was inside a house with my family. A bad man with evil intentions was also present in the house. I was hiding away from this man. He had a suspicion that someone was trying to avoid him. I went outside the house to avoid that man. However, he acted on his instincts and went outside too. He walked in a circle, around the perimeter of the house. I was also walking around the perimeter of the house, in a circle, trying to avoid a confrontation with that man. It was getting anxious and suspenseful, because the man was irritating. I was afraid the bad man would see me. Then I woke up. I looked at my clock and it said 2 am. I went back to sleep.

Origins of this dream
Back in the day when my friends and I were dating, we would wish to be introduced to eligible guys. Some guys spoke as eloquently as they looked – polished. Other guys couldn’t talk about any sustainable sensible topic. We learned not to judge a book by its cover. Some of us had crushes on good looking guys, until we discovered they were sour puss who turned nasty when events were not to their liking. A few men became stalkers. They behaved like detectives, desiring to know every last bit of detail about the girls they thought they admired. They took the opportunities to watch the apple of their eye. They watch as intently as a hawk would, over their target. Watching became a habit, and then an addiction. It wasn’t sufficient to watch one woman. They started having an obsession over watching women. Their minutes, hours and entire day was consumed by their burning passion to watch women. This ate them up. They failed to form relationships. They didn’t appreciate the close ties made with bonding. They wanted to watch other women too.

Dreaming of stalker/ detective.

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