Dreaming of red

What does it mean to be dreaming of red … red pepper or red capsicum in particular? Firstly, the color red is a striking color. When red, in metaphorical language, you see red because you are inflamed with anger and blood is rushing into your face. In a dream, the manifest image also holds a similar meaning to the one you know in your waking life.

In some cultures, red may denote good luck. When the dreamer sees red in dream imagery, it may mean good fortune is coming. On the other hand, the red color may be used to mask bad luck. If there was a tragedy like a death in the house, all mirrors may be required to be covered with red paper, before the deceased person’s body can be carried away. There are superstitious beliefs saying the dead body should not be reflected in a mirror because it is extremely bad luck.

Dreaming of vegetables may be your body telling you that you require more veggies in your diet.

Dreaming of red pepper , aka red capsicum.

Medium: pencil, color pencil, ink. Done on recycled paper.

Join me in art therapy. Drawing is creative, rhythmic, stress relieving, therapeutic, potentially a money spinner and best of all – its low cost.

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