Zombie, gremlin, poltergeist: Dream Interpretation #24

The story of someone dreaming of the zombie, gremlin and poltergeist was written for Three Things Challenge for September 4 2018 : 3TC – gremlin, poltergeist, zombie.

There was a man who suffered from a mental disorder. His brain wasn’t working well. He couldn’t respond to stimuli from his environment. He sat still like a zombie. His low energy attracted the attention of the house gremlin and poltergeist. The former welcomed him because he seldom moved and didn’t cause any disturbance in the house.  The latter was interested to find somebody to play and tease. The man was unable to speak up to tell others about the poltergeist he saw. The zombie, gremlin and poltergeist co-inhabited the same house in relative harmony. Until the day when the man received treatment for his catatonic state. He became lively. He started to notice the mischief created by the gremlin and poltergeist. He told others about the other beings in his home. His fellow humans became worried about his sanity. They sent him away, to stay in a mental hospital. The gremlin and poltergeist were relieved that they could once again, come out to play.

Orb and paranormal.

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