Dreaming of old boyfriend

What does it mean to dream of an old boyfriend when you’ve not seen him in ages? I dreamed of my old flame on March 19, 2015. I last saw him around 1997. He left town suddenly without any notice. In my dream, I saw him in a crowded public transport system. He was with a woman, who strangely, was aware I was a former girlfriend. She knew I had waited for BF after he left. It appeared both old BF and his GF betrayed me. I sat far away from them, and tried to ignore them. I felt hurt so I opened up my journal and started writing in it. My dream ended.

Dream interpretation:
This dream is a closure type of dream. My brain desired closure of the old episode when my former BF disappeared. He was a wonderful Christian who tried to keep his promise but his personal work got in the way. The dream symbolism of seeing him with another woman, tells me to move on with my life, as he has gotten on with his life. My brain invented this dream to tell me to get over this episode.

Another interpretation would be that you were hurt by the sudden end of the relationship and your brain seeks to find an excuse to explain the end of the relationship.

Dreaming of a romantic partner when in reality, you don’t have one, is a wish fulfillment. Love and romance is one of the secondary needs according to Maslow’s theory of the Hierarchy of Needs. This secondary desire surfaces when your primary needs are met.

Dreaming of a boyfriend who you never met, could be an invention of your own personality. This dream symbol could embody traits which you desire to see in a romantic partner.

If you dream of meeting a new boyfriend, it means you did not like your present (old) boyfriend and you know you’re going to split up with him one day.

In your dream, if you are unhappy with your boyfriend, it could mean that you have some differences with him in waking life. This dream is an alarm for you to address the issues, before a big fight happens and cause deep hurt.

In your dream, the actions and speech of your boyfriend, are not real. He is a dream character. You may have remembered some of the speech and actions he did from the past, but this dream is not an exact replay of his behavior.

If you see yourself using your boyfriend’s things and clothes, then you are very familiar and close to him. Your inner consciousness tells you that you’re adopting some of his opinions and wearing his identity.

If you dream of fighting with your boyfriend, then it is a sign there are troubles ahead in your relationship.

If you dream of being sexually intimate with your BF, but have not done so in waking life, then it is a sign that you desire to grow closer to him.

If you dream you have declined his sexual advances, then it hints of differences in waking life.

Dreaming of my old friend S.

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