Dreaming of marriage

Dreaming in March 7, 2015, I saw a man dressed in a white suit. He had a white shirt and white pants. He courted me in a relationship. Romance blossomed. There was a large gap between us, like an abyss but local people in the area formed a human bridge, by lying flat on their stomachs and linking their arms to the legs of the person in front. The man in white married me. My old church friend, I., was a witness in my wedding ceremony. She carried a violin case with her. This dream ended abruptly.

Dream analysis:
In dreamscape, a marriage does not mean one will take place in waking life. If you are already married at the time of this dream of getting married, this indicates your current marriage is facing problems and may end. The dream portends the arrival of a new marriage. If you’re not married when you dream of having a wedding, it may mean your inner consciousness is telling you to change and prepare by looking for a suitable spouse. If you desire to resolve the issues in your present marriage, then maybe a counselor or therapist is needed to facilitate mediation.

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