Dreaming of neighbors

Dreaming of neighbors
Jan. 8 2015 – I dreamed that my family and I were staying in a walk-up apartment. It was on the second floor. The ground level had a family staying inside. On the particular day of the dream, this family had an important guest visiting. He was a celebrity. One male member of this family was sitting on their door step. He was just chilling. I walked upstairs, taking two big steps at a time. It was a steep climb upstairs but I didn’t know why I did it. Then I woke up, to see my clock showing 5:10 am.

Dream analysis
This dream could have been triggered by nostalgia. I did reside in a walk-up studio apartment for two months in 2013. The studio unit was a cheat. The owner renovated his original large apartment to partition it into FOUR studio units. Each studio had only one window that opened out to the street to allow fresh air and ventilation. The tiny kitchen counter had an induction cooker top. The studio apartment was a lie. It was essentially a large single room. We had to walk up FOUR flights of stairs every time. On our inaugural moving in, we had to lug all our luggage up the four flights of stairs. We rented this tiny unit because we couldn’t find any other rental unit just for two months. This was before Airbnb. Other serviced apartments were expensive at three time more the rate of a single studio. We survived in this dingy room because we were. homebodies who read books, watched TV and cooked on the induction cooker plate. This studio made a huge impression on us because it was miserable. Not to forget, there was only one bathroom. Our family of three members had to manage baths and routine ablutions sharing this tiny cubicle. My dream did not include all these details except for the stairs. This was altered into steep steps, or I was in such a hurry that I took two steps at a time. That figures as it was a long way up the four flights of stairs. I can’t explain how images of the neighbors came into the picture, except they were spliced into this dream from observations from elsewhere.

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