Dreaming of donating burgers

January 4 2015 – I dreamed I gave away 1050 burgers! In my dream, this specific number, 1050, stuck with me. In some circumstance, I was the donor of 1050 burgers. There was a huge pile of burgers which was prepared for donating away.

Dream analysis:
This dream’s theme continued with an earlier dream theme of doing philanthropy and good works. The older dream was seen on December 19 2014. Donating food is a form of charity. I’m not sure where I got inspiration for this dream. The one time I encountered free burgers was at a birthday party for one of the kids in my neighborhood. The child’s parents threw a party at a McDonald’s outlet. Children and adults enjoyed burgers and soft drinks. My memory of this occasion may have gotten infused with other memories to create a dream of donating 1050 burgers. Anyway, the number of guests and burgers at the child’s birthday party was less than 40 and nowhere near the number in my dream.

Have you dreamed of giving away food?

Updated for Oct. 22 2016 –
I dreamed I was trying out new varieties of burgers and buns. Some of them were half western and half eastern in composition.

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