Dreaming of marriage when you’re single or married

If you’re a woman (single or attached), and you dream of seeing a married man, it is a warning against temptation to fall under seduction. There could be other reasons for dreaming of a married man – you are attracted to this married man because you couldn’t find these qualities in your present husband or boyfriend.

If you’re a man and you dream of a married woman, it is a warning against infidelity.

If you are married (this refers to either gender) and you dream of marriage, it means you’re not in a good place in your marriage. Your union may lack certain qualities which you desire, which explains why you dream of marriage. You may face a breakup in the future, because your relationship with your spouse is rocky.

If you’re single and you dream of marriage, this doesn’t mean that you can anticipate it in your future. Rather, it could mean that you may break up with your romantic interest.

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