Writing prompts for Dreams

Here are some writing prompts for Dreams and you’re welcome to post links to your writings, below in the comments. If you’re not blogging or writing on a separate website, you can type out your story in a comment. If you’ve written about a dream that isn’t in the prompts, feel free to share that too.

  1. Dream about your childhood.
  2. Dream about an ordinary activity or day.
  3. Dream about a fantasy.
  4. Dream about a vague fact/ event which you doubted was true, but after some reflection, you concluded it was true.
  5. Share a page from your diary of recorded dreams.
  6. Do you dream about any one of the common dreams which indicate your psychological state during your previous day of waking life?
  7. Does your sleep environment affect your propensity to dream?
  8. Write about your nightmares.
  9. Write about your recurring dreams.
  10. Do you dream about listening to music, playing a musical instrument, dancing to music, composing music or other related music themes?
  11. Does your dream start just before you fall asleep?
  12. Write about your bad dreams involving certain organs or parts of your body.
  13. Do you dream of continuing your activity during the day of the night of your sleep?
  14. Write about dreaming of a vague memory which you thought was false, until you came upon it in your waking life.
  15. Relate a dream stimulated by a change in your sleeping place. You felt strange in a new sleeping environment and consequently, you had a strange dream.

16. Write about common dreams that affect the human condition. We are stimulated by fear, anxiety, desire, nostalgia & etc.

If we eliminate factors that stimulate dreams, will it mean that we won’t experience dreams? Internal stimuli, external stimuli and psychic sources are factors that can cause dreams.

17. Write about dreams caused by your internal/ external/ or psychic stimuli that influenced the formation of a dream.

18. Write about a dream filled with anxieties, when nothing went right for you.

19. Write about a dream of a lucky day when everything went your way.

20. Write on a dream where you were doing things in new and creative ways.

Thank you for sharing.

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