Dreaming of ending into beginning

Dream interpretation of seeing the end of something.

What happens when you are experiencing a nonsense dream and you don’t understand it? You are helpless as you’re propelled into the flow of strange events. The momentum rushes you forward as you stumble from one illogical turn, to another. There is no sense in the order of sequences presented in the dream. You are trapped in it. You try to protest but the other characters are only mindless zombies elected to act out this dream. You are exasperated as you can’t make sense out of this dream. There is no end. Then you hear a ring, like an alarm clock ring. The ringing is so prolonged that your ears send the signal to your brain. Now you are awake. The end of your dream brought you into the beginning of a new day. Every dream ends into the beginning of a new day. All nonsense ebb away.

Writing prompt.

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