Dreaming of blood

Dreaming of blood.

In the strange world of dream interpretation, dreaming of blood is actually good. When you see a lot of red blood bleeding out, it signifies good news is coming. If you are sick and seeing the letting of blood, this is bad news. This is because when you’re ill, your body needs strength to fight the sickness and losing blood is bad for you.

Pictures showing what it means to dream of blood.

The first picture says if you dream your hand has blood stains, it means you feel guilty. You may not be in the wrong, but you feel as though it is in your lot to do something about the matter. One example is when someone asks for a favor which you didn’t do, but later discover that person has suffered as a consequence of no help being rendered.

The second picture shows dream imagery of a dreamer throwing out blood. This fluid is scared as it sustains life. To dream of vomiting out blood can mean various things. One, maybe the dreamer is sick and thus throws out the bad blood. Secondly, maybe the dreamer is being denied her life force because of circumstances surrounding her, like hardship. For instance, if she has no food to eat, then she would be starving and losing nutrients in blood.

The third picture shows a dreamer seeing an image of blood. This can be triggered when the dreamer is having her period, or is pregnant.

Meanings of dreaming of blood and how they relate to you.

If you dream of blood stains on the wall, or a puddle of blood on the ground, the dream analysis says there was a conflict and injuries. A fight happened that led to blood spilled. A person was likely to have been smashed against the wall.

When people in romantic relationships break up, it feels like a dagger has been stabbed into the heart. The heart bleeds with emotional pain. The mind is clouded with distress. The body is neglected as appetite decreases.

If you dream your son or daughter cut you and you bled, it could be bad news. This can be a prophetic dream to mean your own off-spring will kill you one day in the future.

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