Dreaming of burial

Dreaming of burial.

The dream interpretation of a burial is good. Its because in the world of dream symbols, a burial is good as it buries the past and undesirable. Only what is good is left behind. Also, you can start with a clean slate. The dream imagery of a burial does not predict the death nor burial of the dreamer.

For instance, you might dream of burying an old quarrel with somebody. Dream imagery of burying somebody or something, can mean you wish to forget that person/ thing.

Sometimes, the burial could be reference to your large volume of work, which has overwhelmed you.

Are you frightened by the prospect of dreaming of a burial? Some people think that the dream symbol is the real translation of the dream. Only those with knowledge of how the latent meaning differs from the manifest meaning, will do the dream analysis to understand what the dream is trying to say.

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