Dreaming of building

Dreaming of laying bricks to build a building.

The dream interpretation of building means making something new. It could be something tangible like a building. Or something intangible, like a new relationship. In the dream, if you see that your building project is finished, it means you’ll wake up to face a reality that holds good for you. If your dream shows an unfinished project, then it is a bad sign for you. Can you see the building or structure in your dream? If the building (project) is strong, it holds good news/¬†fortune for you. If the building (project) is not strong and weak, then it does not give you good news and joy.

Sometimes, the image of a building appears to represent someone in your life. For example, a strong man can be represented as a tall building. A weak woman is represented as a small house.

The state of the building is a message. If the building is in good condition, it means you will see good opportunities.

If the building is in a bad shape, it means your current position is bad. The building represents your body and this image could say you are in bad shape, health, or relationship troubles. If the superficial beauty (facade) of the building is in disrepair, it means your image has been tarnished.

The top of the building symbolizes the top of your body, which is your head. The plumbing system symbolizes your blood flow and waste expulsion.

Dreaming of renovating a building can mean you should be upgrading yourself in life. You are adding value to your life, the same way as you would add value to a building by improving its looks or structure.

Did you ever dream about building something? Please share your dream in the comment section. Thank you.

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