Dreaming of a bride

Meaning of dream of wedding.

Dreaming of a bride has a variety of meanings. If you’re a woman and dream of being a bride, then the next question to ask would be – are you a married woman? If you’re already married and still dreaming of being a bride, it had better be a replayed memory of your wedding day.  Otherwise, the dream analysis would say to think about your marriage. Do you wish to save your marriage? Your brain is telling you that you are seeking a new husband, hence the bride metaphor.

If you’re single and available, then this image of a bride serves to remind you of your desire to get married one day.

If you’re single, past the biological age of bearing kids and have given up the idea of getting married, then this dream relays the message that you can be a bride for yourself. You have probably been self sufficient and reconciled to the idea that you may never marry. Your dream image of being a bride tells you that you can be a bride for yourself.

For a bride, her wedding day is her happiest day in her life. Dreaming of this important event can mean that the bride is anxious.

If you have a wedding day fixed, then dreaming of your big day is natural, if it is a few days away. If your dream is way ahead of the scheduled wedding date, then dreaming of your wedding is too early and not good.

If you are a heterosexual woman and dream of seeing a woman as your bride, it could mean that you are very close to a woman who works with you. So close that it seems she is married to you.

Brides usually appear happy in the dream. If your dream bride is unhappy, it means the union is not good. This image could also symbolize your union with your spouse or your work.

If the potential bride has a wedding planned, but dreams that she doesn’t go through with her wedding, it indicates her doubt about her marriage. This woman should seriously reconsider her choice.

What do you think of your dreams about being a bride, or seeing one?

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