Dreaming of birthday

Dreaming of a birthday.

The dream analysis of this symbol reveals that this could be a replay of an old memory of a past birthday celebration. Nostalgia could have caused this dream. If you dream of your birthday way before the date arrives, it is a bad sign. Celebrating a birthday in advance in a dream foretells difficult circumstances that made you change the actual date of your birthday celebration. If you dream of your birthday a few days in advance of the actual date, it is acceptable as your thoughts during the day probably caused the continuation of your birthday theme in a dream. Some cultures ban the celebration of a birthday in advance, but condone its celebration after the actual date has passed. In these cultures, it is believed that once a person has survived beyond their annual birthday, it means they have completed one more year of life and are temporarily safe from harm from the Grim Reaper.

In modern societies, people are busy. They will sometimes celebrate their birthdays in advance. Sometimes the superstition is set aside. Once in a blue moon, we read news articles, or hear by word of mouth, how somebody met with misfortune because they had celebrated their birthday in advance.

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Prompt from R. Shipp – birthday.

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