Dreaming of baby

Dreaming of baby.

The dream interpretation of the symbol of a baby depends on the emotional state of the infant. If you dream of a crying baby, the dream analysis would be you are facing a hard time in waking life. The crying state is like a regression of yourself, back to the time when you were an infant and crying for attention to meet your basic primary needs. The symbol of a crying baby is actually a mirror reflection of your waking life.

If your dream is a quiet baby lying peacefully or in sleep, then your waking hours are also quiet and peaceful. Your life is relatively calm, peaceful and manageable or good.

For newly expectant mothers, dreaming of her fetus is an attempt to bond. The first baby dream is the announcement dream, if she is unaware of her pregnancy. Or if she is aware of her pregnancy, then this announcement may tell of the gender of her baby.

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Dec. 8 2016 – I had a strange dream in which I saw a one year old toddler. In uncertain and unexplained circumstances, I was caring for that baby.

Dream analysis – The dream symbol of a baby appeared as. my nemesis. I had sworn off babies because of financial reasons, domestic security and age factors. In the strange world of contrary appearances, I was confronted with my worst possible nightmare – caring for a baby/ toddler.

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