Dreaming of a door slamming in my face

Jan. 22 2017 –
What’s the meaning of dreaming of a door slamming in my face? This is usually attached to the association of rejection. However, in dreamscape, the contrary meaning can apply. That is, when a door shuts, a window of opportunity appears. There is always at least one alternative to consider. When someone closes the door on me, it means I have to try a different route.

Nobody likes to accept failure. However, after some retrospect reflection, I always agree with fate and destiny. The former route that I wanted actually did not suit me. I was better off not being given that route.

When you dream of rejection or failure in a dream, don’t despair. That selection was probably not right for you.

Woman in elevator shuts the doors, in the face of the other woman standing outside at the lift lobby.

In Southeast Asia (SEA), there are traditions and stories passed around through story-telling. Especially ghost stories. Apparently, many people have experienced similar ghost hauntings like hearing furniture being dragged around in the unit upstairs, when it was after midnight. Even in apartments or hotel rooms where there are no more levels above, people still insist they heard furniture being dragged somewhere upstairs above their head.

Another common ghost story is hearing doors slamming. A version of this is hearing metal gates opening and closing shut.

When someone dreams of hearing a door slamming shut, and that person is in SEA when they had that dream, it could be hearing the external stimulant which was sound. External stimulants do get included in dreams.

Pie chart shows dream interpretations of dreams on door slamming:

Pie chart shows dream interpretations of dreams on door slamming:
dream interpretations of dreams on door slamming:

Dreams of door slamming mean:

  1. Entry was denied to you
  2. Obstacles prevent you from moving in that direction.

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