Dream of a bald man

One night, I had a dream of a bald man. This was unusual even in a dream, because he was a young man. How could a young man be bald? He lacked a hairline. He wasn’t bald because he shaved off his hair. There were no hair follicles to be seen on his shiny scalp. This man was a stranger to me I couldn’t possibly ask him why he was bald.

After I awoke, I tried to analyze this dream imagery to do a simple dream interpretation. The dream imagery of baldness on a young man means premature ageing. Does premature ageing apply to me in my present situation? Yes. I have signs of early aging. My dream was a warning to me. I have to take care of my physical health, appearance and life style.

Pic prompt from MLMM Tale Weaver #315 – bald man.

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