Time spent blogging or otherwise #FPQ #109

Fandango’s Provocative Question #FPQ for this week asks us,

How many hours, on average, do you spend per day (or per week) on blogging-related activities? And, what do you think you might do with your time if you didn’t spend it on those blogging-related activities?


I don’t allocate a fixed number of hours each day or week for blogging. Instead, I visit a few leading bloggers who share writing prompts and I respond to them. Sometimes, I make my own posts but these are under-visited except by those who search for keywords. My blog is a showcase of my developing skills. I wish I could showcase my art. I have not managed to say the same about my writing skills.

Without blogging, I would spend time on my art. I used to show my amateur art. My ideas were copied. Others gained mileage, exposure and sales, while my art languished because I lack exposure and a track record. I stopped showing my art on public platforms.

#FPQ #109.

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