Dreaming being object, object dream, transformation dream

Dreaming being object
Ever had a dream where you became an object in your dream? You may have dreamed of yourself being a non-human living thing like a tree or animal. The manifest meaning is in the object, but the real, latent meaning maybe in the qualities of the object. Maybe in waking life, you are connected to that object in some way. You may be using that object, or it reminds you of other issues.

Object dream and

transformation dream will be updated soon.

Mindful Doodles #199
The young woman in the picture has a special liking for the elevator button that leads to her level of her home. She would say hello to the button, as a joke of course. The word to describe this term is personification. She personifies the button as a live animate object. Do you sometimes talk or mutter to objects? Do you speak to objects as though they are alive and can understand you?

Special affinity towards public property.


  1. Hi, Hank. I visited your blog and read your poem. I typed a comment but the robot verifying refused to publish my comment. I tried to get my verifying approved through a series of about a dozen picture questionnaires but the bot kept on giving me more pictures to verify.

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