Dreaming of acid trip woman, meeting psychotic hallucinating woman


I dreamed of the woman who was on her acid trip, long before I actually met her. The dream and actual meeting were ages apart. It is a far fetch to link the two together as a prophetic type of dream. Does that even count?

I dreamed a woman who behaved like a monster, secretly entered my home. I confronted her and told her to leave. She refused to comply and in fact, started to jostle with me. She did not behave like a reasonable human. She said she saw me as a monster and wanted to kill me. I thought she was hooked on drugs. I defended myself. She was trying to strangle me and I was pushing her away. The momentum of our physical movements became a revolving circle. The circle turned slowly, until the build up of energy kicked off a stronger momentum and we moved round in circles.

Then I woke up.

Dream interpretation in reality
Finally meeting psychotic hallucinating woman –
One day, many months after this dream, I suddenly met the woman. She did not look anything like the woman I saw in my dream. However, she behaved in a similar manner that told me my dream foretold her coming.

I was at a reading facility, looking for a vacant table and chair to set up my book. A woman seated at a table next to mine started talking to her female friends. She said the woman next to her, meaning me, was a monster. She said the monster was stalking her and coming to get her. Her friend could not respond appropriately to her talk. This friend told her that maybe the older woman (me) was looking for a table and space to sit at. The first woman said no, she believed she was being stalked because the monster was insistent to get her. She said she had a weapon inside her handbag, to protect herself against monsters. She started to touch and fidget with her flesh colored handbag. She stopped short of drawing out her weapon to show her friend.

I thought she was psychotic and on her acid trip. Seeing monsters was so real with her hallucinations. This must be a regular state as she traveled outdoors with her handbag, armed with a weapon. If seeing monsters was new, she would not left home with a weapon.

The two women continued to chit chat. The first woman showed other signs of mental instability. Her sentences were not fluent. She started talking about one topic, but the other half of her sentence did not match up on the same topic, with her first half. She sounded incoherent. It was like she had a stroke and could not think cognitively well enough to speak in a logical manner.It was frightening to see a living woman talking and behaving in strange ways.

I left the reading facility.

I thought that my dream of the woman who said she saw monsters, was just a nonsense type of dream. After all, not every single dream had to be valid enough for analysis and interpretation. A dream can be a general warning because in real life, there are many stimuli and many triggers to invoke a dream.

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