Meaning of dreams on birds

What is the meaning of bird in a dream? This depends on your culture and what it says about the bird symbolism appearing in a dream. A bird has associative meanings with smallness, frailty, freedom, friendship and being a pet.

This is how the bird appeared in my dream. It had hopped in through the window.

Meaning of bird in dream
Chestnut-backed thornbird
Dreaming of birds.

The dream interpretation of birds can be varied. These creatures fly freely and signify freedom. However, they have challenges searching for food. Their seeming advantage is off set by their life style, which is a never ending cycle of searching for food.

If you dream of birds, try to associate this imagery with your waking life. Does this symbol correspond to your present life? Are you trying to soar with an ambition (or goal), but you’re held back by limitations?

Dreaming of a flock of birds.

If it wasn’t enough to dream of a bird or a pair of birds, it can be terrifying to dream of a flock (or swarm) of birds. Birds of a feather, flock together and make a lot of noise chattering andĀ  chirping among themselves.

Dream analysis for a flock of birds: How the bird dream metaphor is relevant to you

In waking life, there may be a group of people gossiping about something. They are held together by a thin thread of social interest. When dispersed, they may become those little birds that tell small secrets to spread gossip. Be aware of talking birds.

Meanings of dreaming of birds.

A bird is able to fly and has freedom to soar through the sky, traveling wherever it desires. Dreaming of a bird can mean you desire freedom in your waking life.

If you see a black bird in your dream, it means bad news. The black birds, which are usually ravens and crows, are symbols of messengers of bad news. You may be getting bed news in your waking life. In contrast, if you see a white bird, like a dove, it means good news is coming to you.

Dream analysis of the symbol of bird includes many of their natural traits. Their ability to fly translates to having high, lofty ambitions, when this metaphor is applied to humans.

Birds of the same species usually flock together and travel in flocks. They chatter and make loud noises. They have a pecking order too and fight to establish territory and hierarchy.

The meaning of a bird attacking another bird means there is fighting with humans in your waking life. Just like the birds are fighting, the humans in your environment are attacking one another, in different forms. There could be verbal abuse, mentalĀ  stress, emotional manipulation or psychological pressure to attach and fight.

Meaning of dreaming of a bird cage.

The dream interpretation of a bird cage says that the living thing is trapped within the confines of a structure. In waking life, you live by a set of boundaries, and restrictions. These artificial barriers are the bars of your cage. Sometimes, you feel as though you’re trapped in a cage, while others have freedom to move around. This isn’t true. Every person has their own cage. Everyone is working with their set of conditions.

The cage can be an invisible and self imposed boundary. You are imprisoned by what you think limits you. Another person who faces a similar set of conditions, may not think that they are restricted by a cage. This person works around the terms and conditions by being creative.

Sometimes, the cage protects rather than restricts the person inside. You are safe at home and within the confines of your cage. Once you venture outdoors, you’re at the mercy of natural elements and fellow humans who may harm you.

Pie chart shows the distribution of dreams with bird theme:

Pie chart on bird dreams
Meaning of dreaming on birds

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