Meaning of angel dream (1)

What is the meaning of an angel in dreams? An angel appeared to Joseph to instruct him to bring Mary and Jesus to Egypt, to escape from King Herod. This is how we would envision Joseph, dozing on a modern sofa. Have you ever dreamed of an angel before? Have you seen an angel in real life? Please share your story!

How dreaming of an angel relates to your life
If you are religious, then your dream of an angel has religious associations. Perhaps you recalled religious teachings about angels warning humans of coming events. If so, your dream of seeing an angel means something in your waking life has triggered this dream image. There may be something in your day reality that could pose a risk/ threat. Your angel dream is a reminder, out of nostalgia for the symbolic meaning of angels. Your brain wants to warn you of impending threat so it creates a dream image of an angel.

Try to meditate on this message. Do you see someone in waking life that may pose a risk to you? Does this threat warrant the appearance of an angel in your dream?

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