Dream Interpretation robot and dinosaur (updated)

Robot bear hunts Pterosaur

I dreamed of a robot (which may have been shaped like a bear), who was hunting for food. It was tall and swiping its robotic arm and paw to down a flying dinosaur. The Pterosaur had nasty fangs and wasn’t about to give up without a fight. It was not intimidated by the sheer height of the greedy predator. In the age of apocalypse, robots lacked raw materials to manufacture chemical batteries and electrical charge to maintain themselves. Even robots had to burn meat for fuel to power its machinery. Robots are hunted by other robots and killed for their parts. This robot was made disguised as a bear, to camouflage and escape bigger and more powerful mechanical saboteurs.

How dreaming of robot and dinosaur relates to my life
What is the meaning of this dream? The robot, bear and dinosaur are symbols of danger. The scene expresses a threat and may reflect my mental and emotional states in waking hours. My anxiety, worries and stress may have triggered my brain to conjure these images which symbolize my state in waking reality. The situation is a threat and warns me of what I am facing. Dreams continue waking reality. This dream reflects a threat or risky situation in my reality.

Robot waiter.
Robot (autonomous) forklift at warehouse.
Example of a robot in home for domestic use.
Robot as teaching assistant in classroom.
Robot checks for smoke in anti-smoking areas.
Rms temperature checks for screening visitors.
Robot patrols park to play message on social distancing.

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