55 common dreams

Common themes in dreams.

(1) Who among us, has NOT dreamed of being chased? Please stand up. No one? That’s because dreaming of being pursued by human, animal, weather or un-natural elements, is a common dream theme.

(2) Sex is like one of the primary needs of mature adults. It is a common dream theme.

(3) Sometimes, when we are very sleepy, we close our eyes and suddenly, we feel like we are falling down from a height.

(4) Anxiety over academic studies, a company report, or anything of the nature of education,  is a common dream theme. The quest for paper chase creates anxieties. As day life spills over into dream life, the sleeper dreams of their studies and how they perform in them.

(5) Being late for an important appointment/ occasion, is commonly occurring in dreams. When there is fear/ anxiety in life, the sleeper continues this state of high tension. The dream of failing punctuality is a threat simulation that reflects the state of threat in real life.

(6) The dream of going to fall is due to threat and the simulation of falling to prepare the mind and body to face the consequences in waking life.

(7) When we are stressed, tensed and worried about a living person, our state of mental stress triggers a dream of the living person being dead. This dream shows a simulated threat on the person. It does’t mean that person may die. The dream isn’t likely to be a prophesy. Unless the subject is known to be suffering from a terminal illness, there is no logical basis to suppose that the dream is a prophesy.

(8) If you have tried practicing an art/ skill repeatedly during the day, you may dream about doing an action  repeatedly. You had a fear of failing, or fear of being unable to perform that act well. The dream is a simulation of threat, to send you the message on the difficulty of that art/ skill.

(9) Some people have a fear of flying. Or they are uncomfortable with flying, but do not admit that. Some people dream that they have the ability to fly. Some psychologists explain that dreams could take fragments of childhood experiences, and replay the memories. So the adult may have the childhood memory of being lifted up in the air and swung around. That created the impression of flying and the memory is special. The brain may have retrieved the memory of flying, activated it, and made the brain see it in a dream.

10) This is a trick. As the sleeper is falling asleep, they feel being slowly detached from conscious. This detachment creates the subsequent feeling that there is a presence close by.

11) Dreaming of failing an exam is a simulation of threat. A staged scenario of a failure in any situation, is an expression of threat and risk.

12) The desire to possess an attractive partner is a wish. It is also the need to feel loved in return.

13) To be afraid and unable to move is a reminder of the possibility of threat.

14) A deceased person appears in a dream because of nostalgia for them. The memory of the dead is activated and replayed in the dream.

15) Dreams are often of childhood memories. The dreamer has self awareness of being inside the dream and since it is about a childhood memory, the dreamer thinks they have returned to being a child.

Common dream theme – being chased.

Dreaming of alive person being dead may be reflecting that subject’s state of poor health.

Common dream themes – attraction and frozen in fright.

55 common dreams Part 2.

Common dreams – swimming, insect, spider, scorpion.

Common dream theme – eating food.

16) Dream imagery of being attacked and killed, are about threats. The dreamer needs to think about the kind of threats they face in reality.

17) Swimming is a common theme because it depicts the struggle in life. Hardship is also a threat simulation.

18) Who, among us, is not afraid of insects and spiders? These are often poisonous and cause health threats.

19 and 20) Nudity or being inappropriately dressed, are threats.

21) Discovering a new room may be a figurative symbol for saying the dreamer found out something new.

22) Losing control of a vehicle is a situation that’s severe. The threat to safety  s an indication that all is not well.

23) Eating is a pleasure. However, over-eating causes obesity and other problems.

24) Fire is dangerous and a threat.

25) Being half-awake and paralyzed. This happens when the sleeper is in a lucid state and aware of what is happening.

26) Finding money is important because, hey, who doesn’t want money and more money?

27) Magic powers and 28) Supernatural abilities are similar.

29) Killing someone and 30) Being smothered are similar. These two speak of threats. The dreamer feels threatened and may defend/ attack themselves in acts of aggression. Being smothered is being harmed and is a threat to oneself.

30) Being smothered.

31) Being confined and locked up is a threat.

55 common themes in dreams continued.

47) Travelling to another planet or being in another strange dimension that is not Earth.

55 common dreams last part.

Pie Chart on common anxiety dreams:

Pie chart on types of common anxiety theme dreams
Pie chart on common dreams

Have you experienced any of these types of dreams?

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