Dream Interpretation toy #4

MLMM’s prompt for this Sunday, August 12 2018, was an ink blot picture in the line of Rorschach’s Test 3.

Interpret this ink blot

There is no right or wrong answer in interpreting what you see in the ink blot picture. Whatever you think the blot is, goes down as valid. The ink blot reminded me of a soft toy, with two ears, two eyes and a mouth with two long fangs dropping down. It has a chubby torso and two stubby feet.

Scrump soft toy
Scrump and fake Scrump

This ink blot reminds me of my favorite soft toy, which is a stuffed Disney character called Scrump. It is a non-binary character who becomes like a side-kick to Lilo, the human girl in blockbuster Lilo and Stitch. It is natural to dream of childhood memories as the brain recalls fragments of experiences stored in memory cells, during sleep. Psychologists say the dream state continues waking reality. A dream of a favorite toy brings back the good emotional feelings.

How dreaming of your favorite childhood toy relates to your waking life
What does it mean to dream of losing my favorite soft toy? In psychology, we learn dreams reflect our mental state during the day. If we are afraid of losing something, or feel insecure and anxious, then this state carries forward into our unconsciousness. Losing a favorite toy is a symbolic image that represents our current preoccupation and stance in waking reality.

Other dream interpretations of dreaming of your favourite toy:

If you think you’re very attached to your favourite childhood toy, there could be other reasons for this. You may not have grown up properly due to an intense episode during your younger days. You may reflect deeply and try to recall if you remember incidents of great stress, lingering trauma, tragedy, humiliation & etc. Did you use your childhood toy for comfort and solace? Was that toy a symbol of solidarity with your suffering? Self-examination may resolve your issues with the past. Or you may decide to seek professional help to assist you.

Have you ever dreamed of losing a favorite object?

I like following @realOMU for drawing inspiration. I wish I had time to draw all of them. This the prompt for this post’s drawings.


  1. I love your interpretation and the emphasis on dream analysis. I once had a doll (I don’t like dolls so I am not sure why) and in a dream it was eaten by a shark when I woke up it was gone. Perhaps the dog got a hold of her. 30 years later I saw a doll that looked identical at my in-laws home. I have only ever seen 2 of these dolls in my life and this was in another country even. What are the odds?

  2. You liked the doll because you had a special bond with it. You are united with your spouse because you shared common ground with her; just like the proverb, birds of a feather fly together. In the same vein, her family is likely to share some similar traits like propensity to appreciate a certain doll because of its looks. Carl Jung said that eerie coincidences can happen because of acausal factors, meaning non-linking and non-causal factors can make the same event/ situation surface. Finding a rare childhood doll type in your in-laws’ home can be synchronicity of acausal factors.

    Your dream of a shark gobbling up your doll could be a prophesy dream. Maybe while you were asleep, you heard audio stimuli of your doll being removed from your room, which may explain why you dreamed of losing it. Maybe you received other stimuli that were connected to the doll.

    On another note, have you checked that doll in your in-laws’ home? Could it be your original doll? Maybe someone from your home removed your doll and somehow it ended up in your in-laws’ home?

    People travel and take their belongings with them. The same doll could have traveled with them and ended up in another country.

    Thanks for sharing your interesting anecdote.

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