Dreaming Nightly

Dreaming Nightly contains a collection of dreams amassed on many nights, albeit non-sequentially.

How many of us lead “double lives” unknowingly? We lead one life in the day when we are awake, and another life when we are unconscious in sleep and dreaming. There are theories abound on how dreams continue themes and issues we face in waking hours.

What does dreaming of #wakeMEup mean?
You could have heard an external sound, which acted as a stimulus, to create a dream image on waking up.

I’ve often dreamed of being swamped with work. What is the meaning of this dream of being swamped with work? While the manifest meaning is pretty obvious, the latent one says to be aware of anxiety in waking life and/ or the threat of being overwhelmed. This dream imagery was drawn in collaboration with participation with July 1 2018’s drawing prompts with #sketchbookskool, #sbsadrawingaday, @sketchbookskool

What’s the meaning of dreaming of a scorpion? A dream interpretation based on general understanding would be the meaning of threat ad anxiety over coming discomfort.

Here is a picture of a dream of a castle and other architecture. What is the meaning of dreaming about a castle? It may signify a wish to see and visit a castle. If the dreamer had visual stimulus seeing a castle, then this memory may have been recalled in the dream. Prompt inspiration from here.

Dream of climbing to the top. This picture is a collage.

What is the dream interpretation? It probably means a waking desire to reach the pinnacle of one’s potential. A dream continues the issue of waking hours. This dream is a wish fulfillment.

The drawings were made possible with the gift of doodling by the grace of Art Mater, the Mother of All Artists. Thank you for visiting.


  1. memory may have been
    recalled in the dream

    Dreams work that way apparently. Not sequential , mysterious and difficult to interpret But it is mainly a recall of events


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