Zentangle: Cat Doodles #25

This is not a strictly zentangle doodle cat but I had to define it so … Its more like a cat wearing creative patterns. I took two sessions to finish this cat, although the patterns were very basic and simple.

Zentangle Cat Doodle.

Prompt from Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – draw a picture in response to her abstract drawing’s inspiration.

The zentangle is a familiar technique but it takes time to roll out a new drawing. My thoughts were that I was getting rather slow so I had to hustle

Prompts from MLMM.

Cat Doodles #15

I was caught by the unexpected change in color. The actual crayon color was a variation of orange since the cat’s fur was ginger orange. However, scanning made the color come out as more red than orange. Its left hind leg was kind of bent, as if it had just gotten up from a sitting position. Or it was undecided to stay or spring up and dart away.

Cat was colored in crayons.

Prompt from MLMM – caught.

Cat with ginger colored patches.

Cat Doodles #4

This act was done on onion print, and then pasted on green stamped paper. I like my collage cat, if I dare say so myself.

Cat was drawn on paper stamped with onion print. The cat was pasted on paper with green print.

The onion print theme is somewhat distantly related to the picture prompt on leaf vein pattern. I cut an onion, then dabbed paint on the surface, and stamped paper. This created a print of the natural pattern of the onion bulb formation pattern.

I hope my collage cat will live for eternity as an art.

Prompt – eternity from MLMM.

Meaning of dreaming of being a vampire

Meaning of dreaming of being a vampire …

The meaning of dreaming of being a vampire – when you are putting on a false front in your waking life, you dream that your identity is of someone else. What should you do? In your waking life, you should present a honest image. Of course, there is a limit on how much can be revealed and when you can’t disclose more information, you have the right to remain silent. In dreams, the manifest image does not contain the casual meaning that is associated with the image. rather, the image refers to the latent meaning that is hidden in the image.

Conversely, if you are a fan of S. Meyer’s series of fiction on vampires and werewolves, then your brain has many memories of the stories. It is normal for your brain to recall certain memories of these vampire stories to replay. Since you are familiar with vampires in this realm of reading, then dreaming of vampires is not new to you. Then, the dreams on vampires do not hold significant meaning.

Writing prompt “vampire“.

Mental Health for Nurturing Thursday

I’ll like to share some of my practical experiences working for free as a volunteer in hospitals, or caring for people in my community. I get the impression that not everyone understands the situations from perspectives of other people in the immediate vicinity. Some people have little exposure to mental health and patients who require round-the-clock care. Even the most basic assumption may not hold true for a child or adult who is mentally challenged. My POV (point-of-view) is also limited and what can be expressed through this medium is also restricted by my minimal ability to communicate with my resources of space, drawing and time.

This is what happened for one episode.

Mental health page 1.

The patient wants to open the door to walk out of the ward because he is unused to the rigid hospital in-patient routine. This post also responds to MLMM’s writing prompt on “door“.

Nurturing Thursday September 6 2018.

Responding to Becca’s question – yes, I need to change my inner editor. I need to be less self-depreciating.

I am doing my best with everything in life. That is my personal philosophy. As a matter of fact, I need to take time to rest and take care of myself.

Art Pictures

What is she doing? Its all in the mind.

Girl pushes giant … ball?

Pardon me while I saunter away to think of some suitable repartee to continue this image.

Response to prompt – The sun simmered red as it slunk towards the jagged horizon. (First Line Friday)

Dream Interpretation toy #4

MLMM’s prompt for this Sunday, August 12 2018, was an ink blot picture in the line of Rorschach’s Test 3.

Interpret this ink blot

There is no right or wrong answer in interpreting what you see in the ink blot picture. Whatever you think the blot is, goes down as valid. The ink blot reminded me of a soft toy, with two ears, two eyes and a mouth with two long fangs dropping down. It has a chubby torso and two stubby feet.

Scrump soft toy
Scrump and fake Scrump

This ink blot reminds me of my favorite soft toy, which is a stuffed Disney character called Scrump. It is a non-binary character who becomes like a side-kick to Lilo, the human girl in blockbuster Lilo and Stitch. It is natural to dream of childhood memories as the brain recalls fragments of experiences stored in memory cells, during sleep. Psychologists say the dream state continues waking reality. A dream of a favorite toy brings back the good emotional feelings.

How dreaming of your favorite childhood toy relates to your waking life
What does it mean to dream of losing my favorite soft toy? In psychology, we learn dreams reflect our mental state during the day. If we are afraid of losing something, or feel insecure and anxious, then this state carries forward into our unconsciousness. Losing a favorite toy is a symbolic image that represents our current preoccupation and stance in waking reality.

Have you ever dreamed of losing a favorite object?

I like following @realOMU for drawing inspiration. I wish I had time to draw all of them. This the prompt for this post’s drawings.