Mental Health for Nurturing Thursday

I’ll like to share some of my practical experiences working for free as a volunteer in hospitals, or caring for people in my community. I get the impression that not everyone understands the situations from perspectives of other people in the immediate vicinity. Some people have little exposure to mental health and patients who require round-the-clock care. Even the most basic assumption may not hold true for a child or adult who is mentally challenged. My POV (point-of-view) is also limited and what can be expressed through this medium is also restricted by my minimal ability to communicate with my resources of space, drawing and time.

This is what happened for one episode.

Mental health page 1.

The patient wants to open the door to walk out of the ward because he is unused to the rigid hospital in-patient routine. This post also responds to MLMM’s writing prompt on “door“.

Nurturing Thursday September 6 2018.

Responding to Becca’s question – yes, I need to change my inner editor. I need to be less self-depreciating.

I am doing my best with everything in life. That is my personal philosophy. As a matter of fact, I need to take time to rest and take care of myself.


  1. I think in order to do your best for others you have to be taking care of yourself, even liking who you are for in that way your own positive energy transfers to those you are helping. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with this week’s Tale Weaver.

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