Dream of seeing your mirror image

Dream of seeing your mirror image:
What does it mean to see your mirror image, as in meeting someone who looks almost exactly like you? Many people said they have met their lookalike, aka doppelganger. It is possible as there can only be so much permutation in the composite facial looks for humans. We are bound to find people who resemble another person so closely as to wreck confusion in the identity.

If you dream of seeing your mirror image, it can mean you should pay attention to the image you present to the world. Maybe your alter self is trying to tell you something. Is there some aspect that calls to your focus? Have you started a new trend in fashion dressing or life style? You may be deviating from your old way of doing something.

Alternatively, your mirror image can be your alter ego, trying to emerge.

Pie chart shows equal percentage of probable occurrence of these dreams:

Pie chart shows different types of dreams on theme mirror.
Pie chart shows equal shares of chances of each type of dream about mirror.

Dreaming of mirror breaking –
This suggests bad luck is coming.

Dream of covered mirror –
Some cultures in Asia say that when a deceased has to be carried out of the house for funeral preparations, the mirrors in the house should be covered with red paper. The mirrors should not reflect the image of the dead. So to dream of covered mirrors say that there is a dead person or death of someone is expected.

Dream of seeing more than one person in mirror –
Its bad luck to see several people in the mirror. It means people are crowding into your space and quarrels can be expected.

Dreaming of seeing a child’s image in mirror –
Young kids denote joy and happiness. Expect to receive these gifts in waking life.

Dream of seeing an animal in mirror –
A pet requires your care and effort. It does not mean only enjoyment. There is hard work involved too. In waking life, some of this may be coming your way.

To see a stranger in a mirror, in dream –
A common myth says there is a ritual to see your romantic partner/s in a mirror.

In your dream, if you see a new person, that usually indicates your future romantic partner.

Grooming for photos for flight attendant job application.

Dreaming of the other side of the mirror:

Have you ever dreamed that you were able to pass through a mirror by waking through it? If yes, what did you see on the other side of the mirror?Some dreamers have shared their experiences. They said they saw a parallel universe after they walked through the mirror. The dream interpretation would be that the dreamer has not been living at their maximum best potential in their waking life. The dream’s mirror represents the doorway to another universe, which may show them what they can be, after they achieve self-actualization.

A research study conducted by Levitan and LaBerge (1993) tested how dreamers could control their dreams. While awake,dreamers were instructed to dream about walking through a mirror. 86 % of the participants succeeded in dreaming of passing through the mirror. They then saw various imagery which were different from what they saw in waking life. However, some of these dreamers did not see anything extraordinary. The researchers said dreamers are yet to learn how to control the stability of dream imagery. This was why the created dream world had no lasting stability, meaning dreamers would see different dreams each time they fell asleep.


Levitan, L. & LaBerge, S. (1993). Testing The Limits of dream control: The light and mirror experiment. NIGHTLIGHT 5(2), Summer 1993. The Lucidity Institute: Arizona, USA.

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