Twisted Reverse Psychology used to cheat: Mindful Doodles #464

Bad behavior is not weird behavior. There is no other explanation for bad behavior. Its just bad behavior.

Cheat using reverse psychology to scam.
When his mental state is not diminished, he acts intentionally to cheat.


Recently, I’ve been seeing Reverse Psychology practiced by a man who is not trained in psychology. He is schooled by life. He uses Reverse Psychology. Let me explain. This man who I nickname John, has a physiological illness. He has insufficient money to seek full medical treatment for his illness. He started a smear campaign to try to extort money. He spread gossip to his colleagues that a certain woman is a hooker because she takes money from men. One of his colleagues challenged him to back up this claim with evidence. Which he could not provide. While spreading gossip, he ensures that his targeted woman, hears about it. His logic behind this move is to humiliate her and blackmail her into giving him money. Under ordinary circumstances, many women may show the stereotypical behavior of caving in to extortion because they want to end the nasty gossip and slandering. This is what John had gambled on.

Another new tactic John is using is to complain to as many people as possible. He is not ashamed to heap blame on others, especially the women, who he blames for not caring about him to give him money. He gossips loudly within earshot of the female victim and makes sure she hears his complaints about her. John shouts loudly, “She doesn’t care!” And why would she? John is nobody to her. John targets this woman because he thinks she has money to give him.

Who is John and what is his background? John is an ordinary man who works as a “watchman” in a small establishment. He does not have much formal education but he has been schooled by a life of hard knocks. He knows he can try manipulation and cheating to get what he desires.

Neither John nor the woman are seeking professional intervention because their personal cases against each other are not really strong. At most, the authorities dealing with law and order will advise the woman to avoid confrontations with John.

John has no grounds to demand money from the woman. He will be advised not to extort money.

Time and again, people need to know that they have to use legitimate ways to get help.

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