Wrong Bus: Mindful Doodles #458

Mindful Doodles #458 – Wrong Bus

What happens when you take the wrong bus?
You get down asap at the next bus stop. I saw my bus driving past before I reached my bus stop. I hurried there and got on a bus. Later, after it made an unexpected turn into a different road, I realized I boarded the wrong bus. I should have looked at the side display of the bus number before boarding. There was a digital display electronic board at the side of the bus. I shouldn’t have assumed that bus was the same as the one I saw when I was walking up to my bus stop. I’m still a dork.

The start of a wrong journey…
She alights to walk back to another bus stop.
Oh no! Two of her desired buses have drove past her.
She walks to the bus stop and sees a familiar face.
The same female passenger who was on that bus with her, dropped off at this bus stop.

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