The rolling pin is good dream symbol

What does a rolling pin mean in a dream? It depends on the dreamer’s culture, knowledge, personal experiences, context, and present life circumstances. A dream is usually a continuation of the dreamer’s life in their daytime.Whatever themes, problems and encounters during the day, may be continued in a dream. 

Here are some possible dream interpretations of the rolling pin as a dream symbol. Which interpretation should you choose? What are you going through right now? You should  select the interpretation that best fits your situation in life. 

1. You roll with the rolling pin, as it rolls away. This dream image can mean you will be traveling.

2. In another dream analysis, this imagery means domestic happiness. The rolling pin is used in the kitchen as a cooking utensil. When you see the rolling pin, the latent meaning may be domestic happiness for you are hardworking to use it for cooking for your family.

3. If you use a rolling pin regularly in the kitchen, then it is normal to dream of this image. If you don’t use a rolling pin, then you are being reminded of its existence. Perhaps you are being called to cook somethings that require the use of a rolling pin.

4. If you don’t own a rolling pin, its time you bought one. Its helpful to roll out dough for cookie cutting, and other types of dough confectionery.

5. In bad comics, the rolling pin is depicted as a weapon. The mistress of the house can be shown holding her rolling pin and chasing after the man. This has some logical basis as the cylindrical shape of the rolling pin is associated with being a weapon for offence and defence.

6. Have you ever dreamed of a rolling pin? If yes, did you use a rolling pin during the day, which might have triggered that dream of your rolling pin that night? Usually, dreams continue the themes you experienced during the day. So if you were in contact with the theme of rolling pin during your waking hours, then it is reasonable to assume that your brain continued this theme in your dream, during your sleep.

7. A  rolling pin, when in use, gets rolled in a smooth motion, forwards and backwards. The rolling pin does not go anywhere beyond its designated area, which is its bit of dough, that the cook wants to flattened. Using this analogy, the metaphor, when applied to life, can mean the dreamer is like a rolling pin, being rolled to and fro, on a small area. The dreamer does not go anywhere. In essence, this means the dreamer is stagnant.

This comic shows what happens when the woman dreamed of a rolling pin, and how her actual day panned out.

Dream of rolling pin. Dreamer does a gesture of rolling her rolling pin.


Dreaming of rolling pin means you’re rolling … busy on the move.


This is the reality after waking up:

She said to go collect a parcel from the Post Office’s automated self collection locker.

She took a bus to the news stand to buy the day’s paper.


She collected the parcel from the locker and walked to the bus stop.


She remembered she had a bag to contain the parcel and so she tried to use her bag. The handles were old and worn. They tore under the weight of the heavy box.

She managed to carry the box on the bus. She found a seat and managed to carry the box home from the bus stop.

The girl opened her box and explored its contents. Then they had lunch. It was time to go out to attend an art exhibition. The girl had her painting on display.

We walked on foot everywhere from the art exhibition hall, to a beverage store at a mall.

One of the coffee baristas was like a zombie or something else. She bumped into me. I thought it was weird that she was walking around like a zombie.

The journey back home was uneventful except for the fact that the tube was crowded as usual.

This was a busy day. This was how the day panned out after the dream about using a rolling pin.

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