Real dream interpretation of house in woods #481

Real dream interpretation of house in woods

This is the dream:
One night, a young woman dreamed she was driving alone. She drove through a stretch of road that had tall, skinny trees lined along its sides. Then, this female driver reached a house. She went inside the house, which reminded her of a similar house she had visited, that belonged to her relatives. The only difference with this house was that when she looked out a window, she could see the forest of trees.

Dream of a house in the woods.

Dream interpretation of driving: desire to be in control of one’s journey

Dream interpretation of woods: reflection of one’s love for nature.

Dream interpretation of house set in woods: reflects dreamer’s desire to live on landed property.

Dream interpretation of forest: reflection of new, untouched territory waiting to be explored.

Dream analysis of entire dream: Dreamer desires to drive to control her direction and route in her journey. Dreamer loves nature and wishes for a house with land. Dreamer wants to live among beautiful nature.

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