OLWG prompts #66

Today was going to be the day she released her hand-drawn comic strip with an important message. She had mulled over her story idea. She summoned up courage to illustrate the controversial message. She self-published it using her pseudonym. She had no one else to tell because she kept her online identity secret. She waited for reactions from all her favorite people in the forum. It became late. Finally, she went to bed. Next morning, she resisted checking her social media before completing her meditation. It was just as well. She discovered all but one visitor had omitted clicking on the link to her comic. Only one reader.

PS – The mentioned comic is this:
Tough Decision.

Fiction written using prompts listed below.
OLWG #66 prompts
1) You won’t be able to tell anyone else
2) Well, that was the idea.
3) All my favorite people.

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