Tough decision (comics)

Kira’s Sunday Scribbles for Word of the Day challenge, reminded me of a comic I drew and posted recently. Its because Kira’s drawing showed the woman crying tears into a bucket.

She thinks about getting her period/ menstruation. She dreams about it.

She went to the pharmacy for a home pregnancy test kit.

What should she do about her test result?

She spoke to her boyfriend but he wasn’t going to help.

Faces of emotion and turmoil.

What happens when your body changes …

She had an announcing dream about the gender of her baby … its a boy!

Decision: Pro-life or pro-choice?

A young woman discovers she is pregnant. She tells her boyfriend, who refuses to be responsible. She has an ultrasound scan and … its a boy! She is undecided on her next course of action … or inaction. What do you think she should do?


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