Meditation #9: BREATHE

The basic start to meditation is correct breathing. It is the first response to a shock. Breathing and taking deep breathes helps us to handle stress. If you don’t consciously regulate your breathing, you may starve your body of oxygen. For example, if your response to a shock is to show verbal reaction by talking, you are exerting effort and not breathing properly, because you are concentrating on speaking and formulating angry verbal response to address the surprise stimulus.

Breathing exercises are easy to perform as they do not need much skills in focus. If the doer loses concentration, they can return to the breathing exercise easily without much skill in refocusing.

For simple breathing exercises, breathe slowly. Pay attention to each inhalation and exhalation. You are sending a vital nutrient to your body. You are preparing to deal with your situation. You will manage your current status. Revel in the sheer goodness of breathing.

People who should not try breathing exercises:

People who have respiratory illness/ chest or abdomen injury/ heart disorder/ kidney disease/ diabetes should not try breathing exercises without direct supervision from a qualified physician. Breathing exercises may cause harm to patients with existing physiological disorders. Please consult your medical doctor.

Breathe. Slow down. Assimilate more.

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