Meaning of dreaming your favorite thing broke

If you dream your favorite thing broke, it means you maybe facing a broken relationship/ friendship.

Interpreting a dream about something breaking:

This can mean the dreamer has frustration and stress in waking life.

Dreaming of to break something:

This is an expression of releasing stress.

Dream interpretation of having broke something:

This can mean you wish to have a clean break from it. You no longer wish to deal with the infuriating matter. Your unconscious mind was stimulated to play out this dream, to bring out the message. After waking up, you will be pondering on the message. What is it that you’re being told to break away from? Your first reaction will be denial, and rejection of the dream’s warning. Slowly, you’ll consider the pros and cons of the suggestion of a break. The determining factors that suggested a break-up induced your intuition into realizing this could be a solution to your real life situation.

If you don’t follow through with your dream’s warning, you will be staying with your present circumstances. You’ll have to make your decision.

If you use your arms/ hand a lot in your work/ sport/ hobby, then dreaming your favorite thing broke suggests its time to face the probable loss, injury, or disability. That can mean you won’t be able to continue doing those actions.

This type of dream can be prophetic, to warn you again of what may come. If you already have an injury, it could get worse and leave a loss or disability. This warning can be a suggestion to seek help to prevent further deterioration.

One common and important thing that matters to everybody is about relationships that broke. Relationships are important because every human has needs. According to Maslow, he made observations about the hierarchy of needs that every human desire. These needs are categorized in tiers according to their primary importance, to secondary priority, and then to tertiary importance. Basic needs and lower tier needs have to be fulfilled before the person has time, energy, resources and desire to progress to other higher level of desires.

Hierarchy of Needs
Climbing up the mountain according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory.

When you think of yourself climbing up this mountain, where do you think you’re at?

All humans are born to seek secondary needs like love. The human heart is not only a physiological organ that sustains life and love. The heart is also a symbol of love. The metaphor, to die of a broken heart, means the person has suffered a serious set back.

Dreaming about something that broke can be an allegory to bring up the message about the relationship. It is not the object that broke, but the relationship. Thinking about your dream, do you see parallels between it and your real life situation?

What triggered this dream that your favorite thing broke? Let’s discuss about taking a romantic relationship as an example of a favorite thing. How do you know this relationship broke? Did you see symptoms of infidelity? If you’re a female, do you suspect your romantic partner of having a side chick? If you’re a male, do you suspect your partner of having another boyfriend?

Dreaming that your favorite thing broke can be a reference to a break in the continuity of action. Like when the progression is interrupted by a break. Are you experiencing a temporary or permanent interruption in a project or plan? Can this dream be about that issue?

The general theme for this category of dreams is seeing imagery of something important to you that broke. Another example is when you dream of having a broken bone. Your bone is more important that any other favorite thing. If the allegory of bone refers to something else in your present life, then you should take a close look at it and decide what action to take to handle this.

Dreaming that a thing broke can be a warning dream to caution against a real event of a break. This dream warns against something or someone who is breakable and you may need behave like walking on egg shells around them. This dream can be a warning that humans may appear to be tough, but in actuality, they are also fragile. Some people have difficulty healing after being broken.

If your dream is about a break in your skin, a wound or a break in bone, it refers to your personal self or situation. The dream imagery of a broke skin/ bone symbolizes your injury and broken state. In real life, if you’ve suffered an episode of hardship, it can be represented by a broken part of your body.

The degree of battery and suffering can be reflected in the extent of dream imagery your brain conjured up to represent the degree of suffering experienced.

A car is a shell of a container, similar to a body. If you dream that your car broke in an accident, or your car broke down and can not be used, it can mean your vehicle/ body can not take you anywhere. You are not going anywhere in life. Maybe it is because you’ve not made efforts to move forwards or backwards. You’re at a stationary stand still. You could be waiting for something to happen. Depending on your attitude, you can be making this wait temporary or permanent. If your car (body) is broken down, it can mean you’re broken/ ignored/ neglected/ or in ill health.

If nothing is broke/ broken in your real life, then you might look at this dream as a possible prophesy. can this dream be a warning that something is going to get broken? Maybe your intuition has processed a bit of data that says something may happen. Then the dream was triggered to warn you to prepare to deal with it. You may want to check your car, equipment, machinery and even your body, for any problems.

There is another dream interpretation that is more worrying. If the dream suggests that your favorite thing broke while you’re using it, you may at risk of being harmed.

Broken hearts & broken relationships:

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