Meaning of dreaming of wearing a bikini

Meaning of dreaming of wearing a bikini.

Dream interpretation for women wearing a bikini

To see yourself wearing a bikini in a dream hold several possible meanings. You are wearing scanty clothing because you desire to expose yourself in the flesh, and your personality. In waking life, if you have never worn a bikini, then the message speaks loudly to you. It can also mean you are going to expose yourself to the world. It can also mean the other way around – that people are staring at you closely, like as if you are wearing scanty clothing, or they are staring at you as if they have X-Ray eyes. If you have worked hard to achieve a beautiful body, then this dream interpretation would be that you are going to show off what your hard work has achieved.

Dreaming of wearing a bikini can mean you expect to go to the beach one day soon. 

Dream of wearing bikini can mean you are being reminded of your body. Are you bikini bod ready? Do you need to lose weight? Interpreting this dream needs you to think of your personal circumstances. Your brain is reminding you of thew reality of wearing your bikini. 

Dream interpretation of wearing a bikini – 

This can mean you desire to attract the attention of the opposite gender. You desire attention to satisfy your needs to fill your secondary needs, like emotional appreciation, emotional security and love. 

Dream analysis for men wearing a mankini/ swimming trunks –

The same analysis from above applies.

Woman in bikini. Side profile.
Dream of wearing bikini
Dream symbolism of wearing a bikini.
Dream of swimming in bikini.
Dream of swimming in bikini in dark water & clear water.
Dream of being good swimmer versus dream of being bad swimmer.
Anthropomorphism cat in bikini.
Cat woman in bikini. Cat Doodles.
Bella Thorne in leopard print bikini doodle.

Pie chart shows equal percentage chance of these types of dreams on the bikini:

Pie chart on all possible dream interpretations about dreaming of the bikini
What is percentage occurrences for each dream meaning about the bikini

Prompt – OLWG “shiny blue bikini“.


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