Meaning of dreaming of wearing a bikini

Meaning of dreaming of wearing a bikini.

Dream interpretation for women wearing a bikini

To see yourself wearing a bikini in a dream hold several possible meanings. You are wearing scanty clothing because you desire to expose yourself in the flesh, and your personality. In waking life, if you have never worn a bikini, then the message speaks loudly to you. It can also mean you are going to expose yourself to the world. It can also mean the other way around – that people are staring at you closely, like as if you are wearing scanty clothing, or they are staring at you as if they have X-Ray eyes. If you have worked hard to achieve a beautiful body, then this dream interpretation would be that you are going to show off what your hard work has achieved.

Dreaming of wearing a bikini can mean you expect to go to the beach one day soon. 

Dream of wearing bikini can mean you are being reminded of your body. Are you bikini bod ready? Do you need to lose weight? Interpreting this dream needs you to think of your personal circumstances. Your brain is reminding you of thew reality of wearing your bikini. 

Dream interpretation of wearing a bikini – 

This can mean you desire to attract the attention of the opposite gender. You desire attention to satisfy your needs to fill your secondary needs, like emotional appreciation, emotional security and love. 

Dream analysis for men wearing a mankini/ swimming trunks –

The same analysis from above applies.

Woman in bikini. Side profile.
Dream of wearing bikini
Dream symbolism of wearing a bikini.
Dream of swimming in bikini.
Dream of swimming in bikini in dark water & clear water.
Dream of being good swimmer versus dream of being bad swimmer.
Anthropomorphism cat in bikini.
Cat woman in bikini. Cat Doodles.
Bella Thorne in leopard print bikini doodle.

Pie chart shows equal percentage chance of these types of dreams on the bikini:

Pie chart on all possible dream interpretations about dreaming of the bikini
What is percentage occurrences for each dream meaning about the bikini

A bikini is one of the skimpiest set of clothing. Wearing a bikini exposes your figure. The truth is revealed. Dreaming of yourself in a bikini can mean you’re revealing your secrets. You’re being honest to show the truth. You’ve worked hard to maintain your figure.

Dreaming of daring to wear a bikini in public means your public persona displays confidence.

Wearing a bikini is hardly sufficient clothing. The body is exposed for all to appreciate or criticise. A bikini is like underwear because it covers the genitals and little else. Dreaming of wearing a bikini can mean you want to appear attractive by showing off lots of skin. Unprotected skin is vulnerable to injuries like sunburn, mosquito bites, insect bites, cold temperatures and etc.

You might be exhibiting yourself to attract a target. Dreaming of wearing a bikini and appearing in front of someone who you’re trying to attract, can mean you’re attracted to that person and you’re trying to seduce that person.

Although wearing a bikini is exposing yourself, it is not the same as being naked. Dreaming of being naked in public is symbolic to mean you’re humiliated. Most probably, you were not prepared and being caught unaware is represented by dream imagery of being seen naked in public.

Dream of wearing bikini means confidence:

If you believe in yourself, you possess the confidence to wear a bikini suit. You may not have the picture perfect hour glass figure, but you don’t care. Your self-esteem is good and you’re ready to show off your figure.

Your inner child wants to know why you allowed others to govern over your desire. A critical voice would say you’re innocent & naive.

If you follow that dream and wear your bikini in waking reality, you’ll come to realise what the truth is. People around you will react to your appearance in a bikini.

You may regret your former habit of eating unreservedly. If you’ve gained weight, you can’t easily go back to change that.

If you think wearing a bikini does not suit you because of other reasons, you may ask yourself why you considered wearing one in the first place. Were you tempted to show off? After having second thoughts, Your moral values may drown out your narcissism.

Have you done something as a mistake? How did you feel afterwards? Did you blame yourself? Your self-esteem would take a blow. Don’t compromise your valuer system. If you dislike wearing a scanty bikini, then don’t wear it. Don’t sell out for anyone.

If you nade mistakes by wearing a bikini, or doing something that compromises your beliefs, forgive yourself. Accept what you did and move on. Take simple, small steps to build up your confidence.

If you’ve always been shy but wanted to wear a bikini, then start today. Wear your bikini in your bedroom. You’ve taken a small step. Next, walk around the inside of your home, still wearing your bikini. You’ll get used to the feeling and you’ll gain confidence to wear your bikini at the beach or pool.

What happens after you’ve worn your bikini in public? Plan to wear it at a pool. Can you swim? If no, sign up for swimming lessons. Learning a new skill requires time and practice. Maybe that dream was invented to send you the message; to swim.

Do you think you look good in a bikini? Even if you don’t look good in your bikini, it does not matter. You’re much more than a bikini wearer. You have your self-identity and self-worth.

Prompt – OLWG “shiny blue bikini“.


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