`Meaning of dreaming of bed

Meaning of dreaming of bed.

Dream analysis and interpretation of dreaming about a bed:

The bed is a metaphor. It is a very personal space and holds your secrets. For example, you may be keeping your favorite photo by your bed. It should be a hygienic place and no one else should be allowed to sit on your bed, or lie in it. Exceptions are your designated partner. Dreaming about your bed, or a bed, can mean that you have to take care of your personal space. In waking life, the bed represents your personal space.

In dreams, if you see a clean and tidy bed, it means you have been diligent in keeping your bed well. If you you see a messy bed, it means you didn’t maintain your bed and waking life. For dreams continue the themes in reality. The state of reality is reflected in dreams. If you see a single bed, it means you sleep solo. And in waking reality, you are alone in your bed.

If you dream of a double bed, be it a king size or queen size bed, it means you sleep with someone. If you dream of sleeping with a stranger, it means you did not know your partner well enough. In waking life, you may not be that close to your partner. Your dreams hint to you the state of your emotional and mental affairs.

You make your bed in waking life. You accept your conditions and lie in it. You are responsible for your state of matters. Your dreams affirm your condition. If you wish to see changes, then you should plan and initiate the moves to effect the changes.


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